You’ve probably seen someone gracefully navigate one of life’s curve balls.
Maybe you’ve seen someone buried in the aftermath of what happens when they didn’t plan for anything.

The latter happened to me, and it inspired Back Up Your Life™.


In 2015, I got the call no one wants to get. My relatively healthy, highly independent mother suffered a catastrophic accident while traveling abroad.

Her injuries left her quadriplegic. In an instant, my mom’s life was forever changed, and so was mine. I put my life on hold to move hundreds of miles away to oversee her healthcare and recovery. A short time later, she passed away.

In this unexpected and difficult season in my life, I had to learn so many things the hard way.

My mom didn’t have any plans in place, her documents weren’t organized, and her passwords weren’t accessible. And because of these things, too many of my days were spent being mired in the mess, rather than spending time with her or, later, having the emotional space to deal with my grief.


I’d made my career on details - from stage management for Off-Broadway theater shows to working as a professional organizer under my firm, “Behind the Scenes Organizing.”

I had it under control. I was not supposed to be drowning in details, but yet it happened. It happened to me. It could happen to you, or to someone you know and care about. That’s why I do what I do.

I founded Back Up Your Life™ in 2017 so that this doesn’t have to happen again to any of us.

From both my career and personal tragedy, I know the ways forward. I know the overwhelm firsthand, and how to avoid it in the first place. It’s the kind of rare peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and those you love most in this world are planned for, no matter what wonderful or horrible things we will experience in our lifetimes.

Annette Adamska, Founder of Back Up Your Life

This stuff is inherently intimidating. It’s “sweep it under the rug” and “give it permanent real estate in the back of your mind” stuff. And it makes sense, because until now, there hasn’t been a guide to knowing what to do, when, and how to finally deal with it. There’s been no clear path to backing up what matters to you.

I want you to know that you can do this and I am here to help.
Life is tough. But we are tougher, because together – we’ll make your plan.

- Annette

Annette Adamska, Founder, Back Up Your Life | 919.964.2876

After life in the fast-paced theater industry in New York City, Annette Adamska has made Durham, North Carolina home with her husband and two snuggly cats. Outside of her passion for helping you back up your life, her favorite things are a combination of good people, good conversation, good food and beverage – all elements Durham delivers on in spades!


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