How We Help

What does Back Up Your Life™ help me do that I can't do by working with an attorney or an insurance person?

While attorneys, insurance professionals, and other people who help you make contingency plans and document your important things are amazing, they don't have the visibility or expertise to see your complete big picture and how all the pieces add up in your life. That's exactly what we do.

Using our proven roadmaps and customized action plans, we partner with you to help you identify what's most important to you and get it documented, stored, shared with the people that matter most. Your trusted advisors have their specialities and we coordinate our work with them. Our value comes in helping bring everything together, and ensure that all the things you “should” do are “done”.

What kinds of things do you cover? 

Here are some of the questions we help you answer and make happen, through our customized action plans and support:

  • Have you made sure beneficiaries exist for all of your banking and retirement accounts?

  • Do you have a plan for your social media accounts?

  • How many automatic payments/debits do you have set up

  • If you are a small business owner, what happens to your online presence?

  • Have you outlined your wishes for your personal belongings? For your pets?

  • Are there questions within your family on who might receive what?

  • Are all of your important documents in a place someone can find them?

  • Who performs regular maintenance on your home?

To learn more about ways that we can support you, schedule a free consultation with us.

I don't live in Raleigh-Durham. Do you work with clients virtually?

Absolutely! We look forward to helping my Clients, no matter what their location. We will utilize the wonders of technology and have video calls via Zoom so we can meet face to face and screen share so we are both literally on the same page.

I'd love some help to get started, but I'd like to do some of it on my own. Do you offer any plans like that?

We offer varying levels of support for you in our customized action plans. Book a complimentary, 25-minute discovery call with us and we can help you identify the best option for getting guidance and being able to do more of the work on your end.

I'm a business owner. Do you offer services to help me with my business?

We're help you back up your life AND back up your business! For entrepreneurs, we have customized action plans to help you organize the documents, details and contingency plans of your business and the work you do. Learn more about our support for businesses.

I already have my will sorted out with my lawyer, so do I need a Back Up Your Life™ action plan?

First: Congratulations! Less than half (45%) of Americans have a will or related documents.

Second: having your will is only a part of the puzzle. We help you consider the things in your life that a will won't cover or doesn't cover - everything from online password storage to knowing what you'd want to grab during a fire.

Can you help me do things that'll benefit my life now?

Life and legacy planning creates one central place to consolidate your information—about yourself, your home, your pets, etc. It creates a system for you to easily share important information with others, from information about your pet’s vet to ensuring your Medical Proxy has the most recent version of your Advanced Directives, for guidance in case of an accident or sudden illness.

How does the process work?

We start with a conversation so we can best understand what information and systems you have in place, as well as get a sense of your priorities. As we proceed through sections that cover all facets of your life, we will identify your “Action Items”, and create a customized list with each item—fully broken down into steps—to make the whole process less overwhelming and more approachable. Annette gives you tips and guidance to help complete these tasks. And per your preference, we set up additional appointments to make sure that you are moving forward and making steps to complete your organizing goals.

How did you develop this expertise?

Annette, and many others, know the painful results when loved ones don’t plan for end of life. Having your life and legacy planning properly completed means you know your ducks are in a row. You are set up for success, no matter what life might throw your way. You eliminate any guesswork and give friends and family the chance to say: “I’m fulfilling my loved one’s wishes.”

Having all your various account information in one place and easily searchable means that not only will YOU reap the benefit of having a trusted system and knowing where items are, but also those you leave behind will have a much easier time managing your affairs, if you’re ever in a position where you can’t, or once you are gone. These actions are powerful and, our my opinion, the most generous gift you can ever give.

Read Annette's story and discover what led her to creating Back Up Your Life™.


So...where does my information go?

Great question! We've purchased professional licensing from a third party vendor—called Everplans—that has created a wonderful online platform with a secure place to input AND share your information. As a client of Back Up Your Life™, you receive a complimentary account for one year. (Seriously!) Following the first year, you'll pay the annual subscription fee through Back Up Your Life™. So you not only have continued access to your Everplan, but also access to the additional resources provided by Back Up Your Life™! You can then be on your way to documenting the important information (as much, or as little of it online) so it’s easily accessible to you and your loved ones.

The greatest value is using it as a road map to point someone to the precise location of WHERE to find something. We can work with you and your family to make sure you have covered all of your bases, connected with your other trusted advisors, and have peace of mind, no matter what life throws your way.

Do you see what clients are uploading? Is there a way to block you?

This a personal decision for each, individual client; you have all the power and decision making on what I can see. When I invite clients to use the software, I do so having ZERO access to their information. You can grant me permission to see the the forms you are uploading and the information you are providing. Or, you can limit my access and I will NOT see ANY of your personal information. I am happy to have as much access as you are comfortable with to help you complete your project, or none if you would prefer that I stick to the sidelines and help guide and cheerlead you from there.

How secure is my information?


Security, particularly as it pertains to the online world, is always top of mind. Everplans uses bank level security and a dual factor authentication option on their accounts. Everything is encrypted so not even their own staff has access to the information that you have inputted. It's even HIPAA Compliant! In the end, it comes down to comfort. How much information would you like to keep online? That decision is completely yours. For example: in lieu of inputting all of your bank account information, you can just share the name of the bank(s) you use, as well as the types of accounts you have there. Just sharing this basic information with your loved ones means they know exactly where to go, and what accounts will exist, if there is ever a need.

How private is my information? Do you have a confidentiality policy?

As a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), I strictly adhere to their Code of Ethics. Among which includes a strong commitment to confidentiality. We will never share any information with anyone else, without your expressed permission. You can find the complete Code of Ethics HERE. That said, when you sign an agreement for us to work together, you can list individuals (either Advisors, or Family Members/Friends), that we can speak with on specific topics, if that is of interest.

Do I have to use online tools? Do you offer a ‘hard copy’ version of your services?

The short answer: we can. But, we strongly encourage each client to have an online component so that your information is eventually easily sharable with your loved ones and trusted advisors. If the software platform is daunting, we are able—on your behalf—to input the information which we are entrusted with. At the end of the input process, we can present a PDF, as well as a hard copy version, so that they will have all the information they would like at their fingertips. We then follow up annually to see if any updates might be needed—then provide a PDF and hard copy once again.

What other questions do you have?

Contact us - we're happy to answer them.