The Virtual Tour

The Virtual Tour


Includes the Back Up Your Business®: Is it Ready for Anything? eBook, Back Up Your Business® Blueprint Workbook, as well as access to eight short video modules to help guide you through the Blueprint. Best option if you want some guidance, tips, and tricks about what to document and how to best navigate your adventure.

Binge it all in a day, or break it up into multiple weeks. Whatever works best for you!

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All Back Up Your Business® Blueprints include the following:

  • A copy of the eBook: Back Up Your Business®: Is it Ready for Anything? which lays out why this work is so important.

  • Your own, customizable copy of the Back Up Your Business® Blueprint.

  • A Master Folder already organized for you that houses your Blueprint AND contains empty folders that corresponds to each section, for one-stop-documenting ease.


  • A Blueprint “Action Plan” Template, to get all your “To Dos” in one place.

  • Access to 5 unique PDFs, outlining "Special Considerations" for the following fields:

    • Creative Service Professional

    • Professional Services

    • Licensed Professional Services

    • Brick + Mortar Location

    • Entrepreneur with multiple businesses

  • A Guide to Our Favorite Business Resources at Back Up Your Life®!