Road Map

Road Map


Includes the Back Up Your Business®: Is it Ready for Anything? eBook + Back Up Your Business® Blueprint Workbook. A great option if you just require the road map, and you are ready to self navigate yourself on this adventure!

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All Back Up Your Business® Blueprints include the following:

  • A copy of the eBook: Back Up Your Business®: Is it Ready for Anything? which lays out why this work is so important.

  • Your own, customizable copy of the Back Up Your Business® Blueprint.

  • A Master Folder already organized for you that houses your Blueprint AND contains empty folders that corresponds to each section, for one-stop-documenting ease.


  • A Blueprint “Action Plan” Template, to get all your “To Dos” in one place.

  • Access to 5 unique PDFs, outlining "Special Considerations" for the following fields:

    • Creative Service Professional

    • Professional Services

    • Licensed Professional Services

    • Brick + Mortar Location

    • Entrepreneur with multiple businesses

  • A Guide to Our Favorite Business Resources at Back Up Your Life®!