What's in a Name?


Here's some big news for y'all!

Before I get to the good stuff, some context and backstory:

I started organizing professionally in 2014. The name “Behind the Scenes Organizing” was the perfect fit for me at the time. It gave a nod to my past as an Equity Stage Manager, working mostly Off-Broadway in New York City, as well as the various events that I loved making happen. It highlighted the skills that I brought to my organizing clients: working with them behind the scenes to develop a strategy and tactics to achieve their organizing goals.

Earlier in 2017, I made the shift to focus my business to life and legacy planning services and support. My business name—which did EXACTLY what I wanted it to do when I was doing residential organizing in prior years—now made people think that I work hands on with them in their space, which I no longer do.

When talking about my business’s new direction, and getting feedback from colleagues and the wonderful women in my entrepreneur’s group, I knew that I needed to make a change. But how? Coming up with a name for my organizing business the first time was hard enough. How do I find a new name AND a tag line that would not only give everyone a basic understanding of what I do while ALSO explaining concisely this new niche that I believe will grow in the coming years?

Basically: I was completely overwhelmed.

So what did I do? I reached out to an expert for help.

Right after understanding and accepting that I would need someone to rebrand my business, I heard the name Annie Franceschi of Greatest Story Creative not once, but TWICE in one day. I’m not superstitious, but I do like to accept any signs that the Universe sends my way—and I knew that this was one of those times. Janice Smith of Big Dog Little Bed Productions (another local business woman I adore and respect) took the time to make an email introduction between us. Long story short: I soon became a client of Annie at Greatest Story Creative. I made the investment to work with someone who does branding ALL THE TIME. All the things that made me anxious, nervous, and potentially frustrated…Annie has done already. Many times. For a slew of clients.

How did that work with an expert help?

My work with Annie has clarified my mission and understanding of who and how I want to serve my clients. I also realized that in hiring Annie—I was doing EXACTLY what I hope my future clients do in hiring me! Working with an expert to help take the ideas in my mind, and whatever words that would pour out of my mouth during our meetings, into a cohesive and actionable plan that will then translates into accomplishing my goals. Annie has her parts of the work, and deadlines that she meets. I have my part of the work as well—and it has been hard work. But the value that it has added to my company and how I speak about it is immeasurable.

What was the first item you worked on?

The first part of our work together was to decide on a name and tagline. This will help inform the remainder of our work, that will span the first quarter and a half of 2018. The capstone will be a brand spanking new website. Instead of waiting until everything is completely done, I am taking the pieces that we have worked on and implementing them as soon as I can. I’m excited about how this because it’s immediately easier for people to understand how the services I offer are relevant to them.

And so I am ECSTATIC to announce the company’s new name and tag line:

Back Up Your Life™

Planning, Preparation & Peace of Mind

You can now reach me via email at annette@letsbackupyourlife.com! Here are the links to all of my items: Website; Facebook; Instagram; coming soon: Pinterest!

Stay tuned to the blog and our social media channels for future updates and behind the scenes glimpses of the branding process in 2018!

In Summary:

  • I needed a new branding (including a new name and tagline) to best communicate the new work I was doing.
  • Branding work was NOT my strength, and I needed to outsource and find a partner to do this with.
  • We now have a new name, with many exciting other items coming down the pike!