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How many people should have access to the proverbial "Keys to your Castle"?

Many times when I talk to someone and they're partnered, they mention that the partner is the one that has all the information that they need to get into their laptop and other devices. It's  awesome that you've designated your first choice, but like anything: you need to have backups.

My recommendation is you want to have at least three people know where the "Keys to your Castle" are.

So why three? You'll want to have someone you trust and is local, someone else who also might be local, and then a third person who's outside of your geographic area.

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Are the "Keys to your Castle" Actually Accessible?

First of all, you might be asking: What even are the "Keys to your Castle"? What are you talking about?

This is a little phrase I like to use to talk about what information you have documented for people to get into the information you have documented. I talk to a lot of people and they tell me, "Oh you know my partner knows that everything is on my laptop." Well, it's great that everything's on your laptop, however, does your partner, or someone else, have the password to get into your laptop?

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You are 18! What does that mean?

This is for anyone who has turned 18 in the United States, will be turning 18, or has a loved one who is just turning 18. Perhaps you are going to be heading off to college soon, or you're taking some time off to figure things out, or maybe you found a job and will go from there. And no matter what your next steps might be I want to be the first to tell you: Mazel Tov! You made it! You've likely been waiting for this milestone for a while.

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On Taking Your Own Advice as a Business Owner

Are you (or someone you love) a solopreuner or small business owner? Are they EXCELLENT at the service they provide, or selling amazing products…but lack some of the organizational and structural foundations in their business? I totally get it. We (usually) create a business to do what we love AND are good at. However, that doesn’t mean that we are the best at making sure all the information, documents, details, and contingency plans are in one place.

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