Packages have arrived!


What SORT of packages are here?

No—I don't mean gift wrapped packages in time for the holidays. I mean the new Back Up Your Life™ package options!

For anyone who has been keeping an eye on my recently changing website: I promised to unveil a new package model by the middle of December. Well, the soft launch was last week! My desire was to make sure everything looked good and worked before sharing it officially on the blog.

Why change to a package model?

Life and legacy planning services and support is a field in its infancy. Many people don’t know what to expect or how Back Up Your Life™ can help them. Hopefully, the structure of a package model will better outline the services available to them.

Please take a look to see the options we have for working together.

As always, you can schedule your complimentary thirty minute consultation. Feeling overwhelmed with the holidays and can’t think about it yet? I get it. But put something on the calendar for the start of 2018 and start to take control of all those things you know are Important, but aren’t Urgent.

Know someone who you think might get value from this service?

I encourage you to forward them this email! Or have them fill out our contact form!

Wishing you and yours a most healthy and safe conclusion to 2017.