On Taking Your Own Advice as a Business Owner

On Taking Your Own Advice as a Business Owner

Are you (or someone you love) a solopreuner or small business owner?

Are they EXCELLENT at the service they provide, or selling amazing products…but lack some of the organizational and structural foundations in their business?

I totally get it. We (usually) create a business to do what we love AND are good at.

However, that doesn’t mean that we are the best at making sure all the information, documents, details, and contingency plans are in one place.

I was recently reminded about the power of mindfully carving out time to work ON the business, instead of IN the business. Last month, I hosted the inaugural Back Up Your Business™ Bootcamp for a group in Durham and, last week, I submitted a presentation proposal on this very topic for fellow organizing and productivity professionals at our national conference next Spring.

I’m also really excited to begin working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) this week. I’ll have another brain to help make sure my systems and processes are working. I’ll be able to hand off certain items so I can focus on other areas so I can continue to spread the message about Back Up Your Life™ and Back Up Your Business™.

The irony?

I didn’t have everything in the best shape to onboard my VA efficiently and give her access to the information that she needed on day one of our work together. So, this past week I’ve been my own client, making sure that my Back Up Your Business™ Blueprint is rock solid, and my VA (or executor, or someone else) could come in and understand the various facets of my business if something happened to me.

Sometimes, taking your own advice is a really great idea.

If you are local to the Triangle area, I’d love for you to join an upcoming Bootcamp announced for September and October 2018. Or, would you like to have a call to find out more, and make sure that it’s a good fit? You can do that here. And lastly, if you’d like to stay in touch and sign up for the Newsletter, signup here.

In Summary:

  • We all need to take our own advice sometimes.

  • Carving out the time to work ON your business, and not IN your business, is super valuable.

  • If you are interested in participating in our upcoming Bootcamps in Fall 2018, check that out here.

Remember, you got this!