How many people should have access to the proverbial "Keys to your Castle"?

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How many people should have access to the proverbial "Keys to your Castle"?

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Many times when I talk to someone and they're partnered, they mention that the partner is the one that has all the information that they need to get into their laptop and other devices. It's  awesome that you've designated your first choice, but like anything: you need to have backups.

My recommendation is you want to have at least three people know where the "Keys to your Castle" are.

So why three? You'll want to have someone you trust and is local, someone else who also might be local, and then a third person who's outside of your geographic area.

The first person is someone you trust implicitly and is local.

This could be your spouse or partner, if that's applicable to you. The thing that people forget about and automatically defaulting to their partner being their backup, is that if they're traveling together and if something happens to the two of them. Perhaps they're both out of commission for a short amount of time. Who is that other person who knows where things are? Who can move things forward if that person is with you and not in your home or in the area that you are usually in?

The second is a trusted friend, who ideally is local.

Perhaps this is a good friend who already has a key to your home. Maybe they provide plant or animal care while you're away. They already have a good understanding of the layout of your home and where things are and they also have insights to maybe not to all facets of your life, but they have a really good starting point.

The third is someone outside of your geographic area.

This is particularly valuable if you ever happen to be in a situation where you're affected by a natural disaster. The people that you might usually call on locally, may be dealing with the same crisis themselves and are not able to have that bandwidth to help you.

If someone is not local, it's important for them to have contact information for people who are on the ground and local to the area when you're dealing with those more usual situations that aren't the natural disaster. Perhaps these people could be friends or neighbors or people who can access this information and share with the person who is coming in from outside of the area.

Your action items are as follows:

  1. Select three emergency backups.

  2. Contact each of them and let them know that you'd like them to be your backup and then have them agree. Consent is important in all areas of life and that way they know that they are on your list.

  3. And lastly give them the minimum information that they need to access those, "Keys to your Castle"?  Who has a key to your home, what's the security code, etc.

Comment below, or reach out directly once you've completed these action items. Let me know what you've learned! Are there any benefits you are able to integrate in your life starting today?

Remember, you got this!