Accepting Where You Are


Hello, 2018!

When your gift over the holidays is a head cold that sticks around to help you ring in the New don’t necessarily do all the things you were hoping to have completed over the Winter Break and start of the New Year.

And that’s totally OK.

If I’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that we can simply do the best we can with wherever we are. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond to it.

So, I’m taking a step back and sharing (only slightly belatedly) the things I am most excited for in 2018 (in no particular order):

  • Amazing new clients that I am so pumped to work with.

  • Speaking engagements to connect with new audiences.

  • Letting folks near and far know about the new package model I launched last month.

  • Positively thrilled to continue my branding work with Greatest Story Creative. (You’ll see more on that process as it happens. Next up: new logo!)

So much just over the horizon! Including me getting over my reticence of being here’s to embracing Facebook Live and some Instagram Stories in 2018! I’d be honored if you’d follow Back Up Your Life™ on either platform.

As a small indulgence, allow me to share with you a less than ideal quality image of where I found myself at the end of 2017: on the couch, under a literal pile of cats. (Mostly amazing because Murdock, the tuxedo cat, is not known for his snuggling.)

Wishing you and yours a healthy and meaningful 2018!

Murdock and Lizzie striving for high marks on their annual reports.

Murdock and Lizzie striving for high marks on their annual reports.