Jump Start Program Launches in May!


The Jump Start Program is Here!

I’ve just launched Back Up Your Life’s inaugural Jump Start Program. I took the framework of my work with individuals, couples, and families, and adapted it into a group program.

Why a Group Program?

I am one of the first to say that life and legacy planning can feel overwhelming. The very idea of one on one work with me might be completely intimidating to you.

My goal with the group program is to give people the structure and format of a class learning environment, and make the process feel (and be) more accessible. You will know that you are not alone, because you will literally gather in a room with others who also want to get a handle on their documents, details, and contingency plans. You and your cohort will not only receive and understand the framework of how to document, store, and share the information important to you, but also create your very own personalized action plan to go from anxious to assured.

What else will there be, other than group meetings?

In addition, you’ll get the jump start you need with three group coaching calls. You’ll gain more information and resources, as well as start the habit of working through the to-dos on your action plan. I hope you’ll consider joining me. Find out more information here. Added bonus? This beta version offers special pricing!

Are you local but can't make the scheduled date work? Apply here, and tell me what would work for your schedule. I'd be happy to create another cohort if there is enough interest. Are you not local in the Triangle want to know more about when we launch a fully virtual program? Connect and let us know! We’ll put you on the notification list.

In Summary: