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“she keeps me on my game”


“Critical in helping me and my business”


Small Business Stage Manager 

I help big thinking entrepreneurs + CEOs find and stay in their Zone of Genius

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Do you find yourself thinking…

“I’m spending too much time in my head on the spinning hamster wheel.”

“I can’t ever spend my time on what I’m great at. Too little of my time is spent operating in my Zone of Genius as the visionary of my company.”

“I feel stuck in the weeds.

“I wish I had someone to help me see the forest through the trees.”

“I don’t know what I need to do (or how to do it) to uplevel my business.”

“I wish I had a guide to help me see the possibilities I have right in front of me when it comes to my business.”

If any of this sounds like you, I’m here to help.


I’m Annette Adamska, and I’m here to help make your vision a reality.


It’s your vision. I’m your partner in bringing it to fruition.

What I am:

  • Your Strategic Partner

  • Your Clarity and Operations Strategist

  • Your Project Manager

  • Working WITH you to understand your priorities, creating a project plan as it aligns with your company’s mission, vision and values

What I’m not:

  • An Online Business Manager

  • A Virtual Assistant

  • A Personal Assistant

  • An Executive Assistant

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Who you are:

  • A CEO who needs help in focusing on the areas that will make a BIG impact on their business.

  • You have amazing ideas—but need assistance in not only organizing them, but also breaking them down to more manageable, actionable pieces.

  • You want to set the vision, but need some help distilling the ideas to your team, and coordinating so everyone has the information they need to be great at their job.

  • You want to make sure that everyone on your team is on the same page, of the same script, to keep the show going smoothly.

  • You work with 7-10 people, and are the only person managing them.


15+ years of experience at your side

For more than a decade, I’ve helped people identify their goals, break them into manageable tasks, and manage the coordination of multiple stakeholders to bring a vision to reality.

This kind of expertise spans my career in the New York City theater, large event planning, serving in the Communications Department of a national non-profit organization, and for high performing professional organizers.

Current Offerings

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Carving out the time to get your processes out of your head, and into a trusted system


VIP Half Day

For those big thinkers who need help getting the process out of their heads, and into a format to discuss with others. We can also work on strategic planning, where we will hone in on your upcoming priorities, and come up with an action plan to make it happen.

what you’ll get:

  • An opportunity to get out all the information about how you do what you do well, and reinforce your own Zone of Genius.

  • Take that valuable CEO time to work on—instead of in—your business. Topics have included:

    • Mapping out your client’s journey

    • Strategic Planning (Annual, or for the Quarter)

    • Remove processes and ideas that have just lived in your head, and we can map a plan to make it a reality!

  • You receive your process in your preferred system so you can share with your team so they know the process and way your company runs.

  • This will give you and those you work with a common language, and ensure that all are working from the same script.

  • You’ll also get an Action Plan that lays out your next steps, as well as who is designating for the task.

Annette Adamska is excited to offer a limited number of retainer clients for Small Business Stage Manager / Integrator work each month, for those who see the value of fully stepping into their role as CEO.

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Are you ready to bring some order into your business, but you are not quite ready for my current offerings?

Check the offerings of Back Up Your Business® that will help you get to the next level of your business!


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