We're here because life comes with a lot of things to worry about.

These might be in the back of your mind:

  • What important documents should I have hard copies of?

  • If I got into an accident, would my loved ones know how I’d want them to handle it?

  • Do I have everything valuable in my house documented and stored somewhere safe?

  • Who can get to my passwords and online accounts if something happened to me?

  • What’s a contingency plan anyway?

It’s overwhelming stuff to think about.

In a world where you’re told that everything is important, it’s hard to know what to do to be prepared for things like illness, accidents, and death. But if you put it off forever, life will decide when it’s time to deal with it – consequences and all.

But what if there was a personal guide with a proven roadmap to navigating all this mess?

What if there was a real, live human who could take your hand, help you cut through the overwhelm, and show you the exact ways to take action on backing up what matters to you?

This is what we do at Back Up Your Life® - your partner for life and legacy planning, preparation and peace of mind.  Founded in 2017 by professional organizer, Annette Adamska, we offer customized action plans rooted in best practices and personal support, built to help you document, store, save, and get things in place, once and for all.

We’re focused on cutting down on your anxiety. We break your plan into manageable pieces, and get you to a point when you can sleep well at night, knowing you and your loved ones are ready for whatever life has in store.

If you’re not as prepared as you’d like to be, it’s okay. You don’t have to do this alone.
If you’re ready to be ready and go from anxious to assured, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Discover what inspired "Back Up Your Life" in the short video below.


Founded in 2017 professional organizer, Annette Adamska, we're your partner for organizing and planning for all of your life's details and documents. Based in Durham, North Carolina, we use customized action plans and direct support to help people all over the country sleep better at night, knowing they have plans and details at the ready. 


Customized Action Plans for Backing Up Your Life
Customized Action Plans for Backing Up Your Business
✓ High-quality, Personal 1:1 Support
✓ Accountability, Check-ins, and Encouragement
✓ Contingency Planning Recommendations
✓ Professional Organizing Expertise and Experience
✓ Powerful Online Organization and Documentation Tools
✓ Educational Resources and Guidance
✓ Vetted Referrals for Legal, Finance and Other Professionals

How do I know if this is for me?

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The work we do started with a story.

Read Annette's story to discover the "why" behind what we do.