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✓Peace of Mind

We help you organize your life's documents, details, and contingency plans. If you're ready to be ready, let's back up your life.

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Wouldn't it be amazing if you knew where everything important was and had your plans figured out for whatever craziness life may throw at you next? Let's finally make it happen. As a new kind of organizing firm, we'll help you get the considerations of your life documented, stored, and shared with the people that matter most to you.

From passports to passwords...

Here's how to back up your life

Schedule a Consultation with Back Up Your Life

1. Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Book a free consultation with us. We can meet virtually or in-person in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

Meet with Organizers, Back Up Your Life

2. Start Your Custom Action Plan

During your consultation, Annette will help you select and get started with the perfect action package to back up your life.

How to Back Up Important Life Documents

3. We Complete Your Plan Together

Follow each step of the custom plan we've laid out together, finishing easily with our support, accountability, and encouragement along the way!

Rest Easy with Back Up Your Life Plans

4. Enjoy Life with Peace of Mind

You've got everything from contingency plans, to online password storage, to knowing what you'd grab in a fire. Rest easy, your life is fully backed up!


Annette Adamska, Founder - Back Up Your Life®

You can do this. I'm here to help.

The work we do began with one of life's curve balls: a family tragedy that changed my life forever. Here's my story, what I've learned, and why I'm here to back you up.


what our clients say...

"I came away feeling empowered, prepared, and like the author of my own future.

You know that one friend who, when you accidentally set dinner on fire, quietly picks up the fire extinguisher, puts the fire out, and then reassures you that you're doing great?

For me, that's Annette Adamska and Back Up Your Life. If you want to make sure your future and your legacy are secure but are not sure how to start, give her a shout. I came to Annette with a scattered pile of goals, thoughts, and needs, and she created a conversational table for us to spread everything out and reorganize it. I came away from my meetings with her feeling empowered, prepared, and like the author of my own future."



Are you ready to be ready?

Let's back up your life together.

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