Back Up Your Business Blueprint

To check out and join the program, pick the button for the version you'd prefer to take!

Binge: All At Once

Get all of your program content at once!

Great if you work best getting it all done in one fell swoop, and want to get this moving and completed sooner rather than later.

Bite-size: Take Your Time

Have the program sent to you once a week for 8 weeks, so you can take the content in bite-sized chunks.

Perfect if you get overwhelmed easily and if you would you like your tasks to come at a moderate pace, and more spaced out.

What you get in our blueprint program:

  • Your own, customizable copy of the Back Up Your Business™ Blueprint.

  • A Master Folder already organized for you that houses your Blueprint AND empty folders that correspond to each section, for one-stop-documenting ease.

  • Streaming online access to 5 bite-sized videos to get you prepared to start the program.

  • Streaming online access to 8 video tutorials that will arrive to your inbox as we cover the twelve modules of the Back Up Your Business™ Blueprint.

  • Access to the exclusive Back Up Your Business™ Blueprint Facebook Page. (Accessible only to clients of Back Up Your Business™!)

  • Invitations to a monthly implementation sessions via Zoom. Carve out the time to get this done!

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the streaming video and any updates to the Blueprint or Supporting Documentation.


  • A Blueprint “Action Plan” Template, to get all your “To Dos” in one place.

  • Access to 5 unique PDFs, outlining "Special Considerations" for the following fields:

    • Creative Service Professional

    • Professional Services

    • Licensed Professional Services

    • Brick + Mortar Location

    • Entrepreneur with multiple businesses

  • A Guide to Our Favorite Business Resources at Back Up Your Life™!