On July 9, 2015, I got the call no one wants to receive. My otherwise relatively healthy, active, and highly independent single mother in her 60s suffered a catastrophic accident while traveling overseas. She sustained a cervical spinal cord injury that resulted in quadriplegia.

For the next three months and ten days I managed my mother’s care through one international medical flight, multiple surgeries and procedures in two countries, three hospitals, and one acute rehab facility. After her accident, I had to figure out and manage the day to day administration of her affairs—and my mother wasn’t capable of sharing relevant information for significant stretches following her accident and many of her surgeries.

After her death, the burden fell on me to manage her estate. She had no will, despite my repeated requests to write down her wishes, and consolidate all of the necessary information in one place. This made an already difficult process completely devastating.

My deepest desire is that no one else has to go through what I did. I hope to guide my clients, with empathy and compassion, to a place where they have everything in order to not only help them in their everyday lives, but also set up their loved ones to easily have the information that they need—from their retirement accounts, utility payment, to their Facebook page and other digital assets—when they need it.

I truly feel that the best way to show someone that you love them is to have your affairs in order. Grief is a difficult journey, and without proper systems and protocols in place, it can take more than you can even imagine to resolve an estate’s affairs, including hundreds of hours of people management and phone calls.

I hope to earn your trust and become a dedicated member of your team.

- Annette Adamska, Founder, Back Up Your Life™

Annette&Halina - Carnegie Hall Dec 2014.jpg

My mother & I at Carnegie Hall, December 2012

Special thanks to my dear friends, Halina's friends, and to the Wellesley Alumnae Community (and those related by association) whose generosity in my greatest time of need will never be forgotten, nor taken for granted.