Life + Legacy Organizing

"Annette is like that friend who, when you invite her to dinner and then you accidentally set your frying pan on fire, quietly and calmly picks up the fire extinguisher and puts the flame out while you're still shouting, 'Everything is on fire!'

I came to Annette with a scattered pile of thoughts, goals, and needs, and she created a conversational table for us to spread everything out on. She acknowledged my anxieties about feeling ill-prepared, validated my feelings, and then reorganized all my scattered pieces into piles that were less intimidating and made more sense. I came out of every session feeling prepared for not only the challenges I knew were coming, but more importantly, for the challenges that I wouldn't be able to expect.

Annette is warm, friendly, positive, and most importantly, compassionate. She doesn't expect her clients to be perfect, and she authentically praises you for small gains so you always feel you are making forward progress. Annette is whip-smart, but in a way that invites you to be part of the process, rather than just an audience member. She's fantastic about sending follow up encouragement and checking on you regularly, so that you always feel supported. Whether you are looking for an initial guide to help you start your journey or to walk with you through the entire process, I would highly recommend Annette as the captain of your organizational ship."

- Logan S., Washington, DC





“Annette was flexible in her presentation and tailored her information for our needs.  She was the core speaker in a multi-session program that encouraged discussions around life and legacy planning, and the practical and potential tools she offered were invaluable.” - Boykin Dunlap Bell, Director of Christian Formation, the Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church

"Annette came to speak with our group of moms about how to prepare for the unexpected (as much as is possible). Her presentation was personal, funny, and informative. It was perfectly tailored to our group, with lots of discussion of what to consider when you have children (and pets). She also recognized that the preparation of documents, etc. can feel overwhelming but she was able to provide great advice about breaking it down into bite-sized pieces that would be doable for busy parents." - Kate, Durham Mother's Club

"I want to thank you again for your presentation to our fishing club. Your information was current and critical to many of our members. We all too often put aside our future planning needs with an intent to 'do it later' and later seems to never come. The importance of planning for all of life's events is never easy but by using your information and life experiences we can better understand the need for individual actions. You made many of our members rethink their position in life and to evaluate what actions they need to take for themselves and their families.

Job well done!" - Russell Wilson, President - Catching Crappie Club