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Let's Back Up Your Business Together!

The Back Up Your Business Blueprint™ Program is the EASY, DO-IT-WITH-YOU way to get your business organized, save your time, and set your company up for success from now on.

Join our new online program to help you back up your business.

As a solopreneur or small business owner, do you:

  • keep most of your business info in your head

  • know you should have your information documented, stored, and shared

  • ... but you don't know where to start?

Well that's where the Back Up Your Business™ Blueprint Program comes in!


  1. DOCUMENT + ORGANIZE THE MOST CRITICAL ASPECTS OF YOUR BUSINESS: You'll complete the program having completed documenting and organizing the most critical aspects of your business in your exclusive Back Up Your Business™ Blueprint - ready to share with every important staff member, contractor, and/or key friends + family.

  2. DISCOVER WHAT YOU CAN DELEGATE AND OUTSOURCE: Learn what areas you might be able to delegate or outsource, and what you'll have to do yourself. Also uncover whether there are gaps in your business model or plan (for example, do you have the right permits? Have you gotten business liability insurance?)

  3. GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND + PREPAREDNESS WITH OUR EXCLUSIVE BACK-UP BLUEPRINT: As part of the program, you'll create your own customized Back Up Your Business™ Blueprint, an exclusive, comprehensive resource designed to help you document, store, share every key aspect of your business - leaving you empowered to weather any illness, injury, change, or unexpected event your company might face in the future.

Created by back up expert and professional organizer, Annette Adamska, you'll get guidance via video in an 8 week program that will give you the direction you need to move forward.

Join the program today at the special introductory rate of $157.

The rate for this comprehensive program will never be lower than this, so act now if you're ready!

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Binge or bite-size, complete the program at your own pace!


Are you a sprinter? Want to get this moving and completed sooner rather than later?

You can select our "All at Once" and just like a new Netflix season, gain access to all the videos and PDFs immediately upon purchase.


Do you get overwhelmed easily? Would you like your tasks to come at a moderate pace, and more spaced out?

You can select our "Take Your Time" Program and receive the videos over time:

  • First 5 snippet videos in 5 days after purchase.

  • One week after purchase, you'll get a module a week for 8 weeks to keep you on track and moving forward!

Back Up Your Business Note Taking

Are you ready to Back Up Your Business?™

What you get in our blueprint program:

  • Your own, customizable copy of the Back Up Your Business™ Blueprint.

  • A Master Folder already organized for you that houses your Blueprint AND empty folders that correspond to each section, for one-stop-documenting ease.

  • Streaming online access to 5 bite-sized videos to get you prepared to start the program.

  • Streaming online access to 8 video tutorials that will arrive to your inbox as we cover the twelve modules of the Back Up Your Business™ Blueprint.

  • Access to the exclusive Back Up Your Business™ Blueprint Facebook Page. (Accessible only to clients of Back Up Your Business™!)

  • Invitations to a monthly implementation sessions via Zoom. Carve out the time to get this done!

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the streaming video and any updates to the Blueprint or Supporting Documentation.



  • A Blueprint “Action Plan” Template, to get all your “To Dos” in one place.

  • Access to 5 unique PDFs, outlining "Special Considerations" for the following fields:

    • Creative Service Professional

    • Professional Services

    • Licensed Professional Services

    • Brick + Mortar Location

    • Entrepreneur with multiple businesses

  • A Guide to Our Favorite Business Resources at Back Up Your Life™!


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to start? Yourself, your computer, an internet connection to stream the videos, and your favorite note taking tools (online, or pen and paper).

How long will this take? Every business is different, and will have differing needs, especially if you have systems and processes that you need to document.  There are two options in this program: access everything at once and work on your own schedule, or you can receive a new module every week. This version of the program is set to cover the major points and get you well on your way in eight weeks. Be prepared to set aside one hour a week for the eight weeks of the program. Once you are through the program, you can still receive support in the Facebook Group, as well as participate in Implementation Days to help get these "To Do" items "To Done."

Can someone from my team do this for my business? Absolutely! If you have a large business, or work with a team, and have the capacity to delegate this task, by all means, please do! It's important that the work gets done, and by doesn't actually matter, as long as they can get the information needed. Your Team Member will likely need to "pick your brain" and there will be information that only you will have; make sure to schedule check-ins with the Team Member working on this task so they can get the information they need for you.

What’s the next step? Purchase your access to the Blueprint Program here. If you have any questions you'd like to discuss before or after signing up, please select a time for us to connect here.


Awesome, let's back it up!