My career has evolved from stage management, event management, and helping a busy non-profit communications department run smoothly. One thread remained consistent: helping people understand what they want, and then getting it done. It is how I found myself diving into the wonderful world of Professional Organizing and I have loved the residential and business organizing opportunities I have had over the years with my clients.

Following my personal experience of losing a loved one without a will or any other estate planning, it has become an area I am incredibly passionate about. I believe the combination of my skill-set and my firsthand experience managing a loved one’s care unexpectedly, puts me in a position to help others achieve their life and legacy planning goals with empathy, compassion, and understanding.

As a stage manager in the theater, one of the major responsibilities is taking care of all the paperwork related to the running of the show, so if you were, as we would joke: “hit by a bus”, someone else could step into your role and make sure that the show would go on seamlessly. Similarly, I work with my clients to gather all of the necessary data and information so they have access to vital information quickly and easily to help in their everyday life. I can help bring all the pieces together, working as your dedicated Project Manager to make all those things you “should do” crossed off and marked as “done”. In addition, having this all in order before an unexpected life event can make the transition of care and decision making within their affairs—either temporarily or permanently—smooth and uninterrupted.

I am second generation Polish-American. I grew up outside of Chicago, lived in South Florida during my teenage years, went North for my degree at Wellesley College, spent over a decade in Brooklyn, and now my husband and I call Durham, NC home.

- Annette Adamska, Founder, Back Up Your Life™